7/24/2019 – Email Update





Calendar Events
Volunteering at Frisco- BHS is a host school
Time Trial Sign-Up
Team Snap

• Thursday, July 25, 9:00 or 4:00  TIme Trial
• Tuesday July 30, 9:00 or 4:00 Time Trial
• Thursday August 1, 4:15-6:30 PM-  FIRST Practice- BHS
• Tuesday, August 20, 6:00 PM – Season Launch Potluck, Foothills Community Park
• Sunday, August 25- Race #1- Frisco, CO


The League races are all run by volunteers… Each team in the league is assigned a home race. Teams not assigned that particular race fill in the remaining volunteer spots.  The jobs include a diverse array of things from being a marshal on the course, to helping with registration, to setting up and taking down the course …  The tasks are broken down in shifts that are relatively short so you can pick a time that doesn’t interfere with watching your daughter or son race.

Our home race is RACE #1. For this race, the League asks that we provide a volunteer for every 2 riders on our team.
That means 65 volunteers from BHS!

Our parents have been great about helping the League out in the past and most really enjoy their experience and end up volunteering for multiple races.

Sign up for volunteering for the League Races HERE. You can Filter the list by Date.

Preseason Hill Climb TIME TRIALS-

The time has come to pedal and keep pedaling …

Every Rider needs to complete the time trial prior to riding with a ride group during practice.

There are still lots of spots OPEN.  We have about half the team signed up.  It is not optional.
You will not be assigned a ride group until you have completed the Time Trial.  

Time Trial will be at Chapman Drive- from the gate at the trailhead to the top at Realization Point.
Chapman Drive is 2.6 miles long and averages a 7% grade.

This is NOT a tryout.  This is to help your coaches gage your fitness and endurance. This will allow us to put you in a ride group that is best suited for you at the beginning of the season.

All riders must be “PRACTICE READY” in the Pit Zone before riding the Time trial.  This means you have filled out the waiver, medical information, emergency contact info, and paid the NICA and Colorado league fees.

Please bring water for your ride.

Sign-up for ONE time slot starting at either 9:00AM or 4:00PM (scroll down) in the column for THURSDAY, 7/25  or TUESDAY, 7/30 .  Please be on-time, at the gate, ready to ride 10 minutes before your start time.

We will have a coach at the top of Chapman where it meets Flagstaff.
Drop your rider off at the top.  They will ride down.

They should count on heading down at least 15 minutes before their start time.
I will be starting riders at the gate from the bottom at their allotted times.

You can arrange to pick them up at the top.  They shouldn’t ride down Flagstaff.

For the afternoon TT you should be able to access the Trailhead parking area at the bottom of Chapman.

Review your time slot OR SIGN UP  HERE.

Team Snap-

We build ride groups from your AVAILABILITY setting in Team Snap.

Returning Riders should already have a Team Snap account it should now be included in your “teams”. New riders have received their invite on Monday, 7/22.

Your “AVAILABILITY” Tab needs to be UP-TO-DATE on Monday of each practice week. Your availability needs to be marked with a green check or red “X”.  IF YOUR AVAILABILITY ISN’T MARKED WITH A GREEN CHECK YOU WONT BE PUT IN A RIDE GROUP AND WONT BE RIDING WITH US FOR THAT PRACTICE.

We have 30 volunteer coaches who are donating their time to ride with you.  Please respect their commitment by letting us know your availability for EVERY event in the calendar. Our ride groups are dependent on you and whether or not you will be riding affects the entire group.  We expect you to ride unless you are ill or injured or have a family emergency. We are a team and EVERYBODY is important.  Commit to ride and show up.  This is the easiest way for you to improve as a person, as a rider, and as a teammate.

Team Snap also has a message feature that will allow you to communicate with the group.   In your Team Snap preferences you can also set it up to receive text messages and reminders for team events.

I will use team Snap to send text messages in the event there is a change that everyone needs to know about.  For example… we seldom cancel practice.  If it’s just raining we wont, but if lightning shows up, we will.  I will send an alert via text message using Team Snap.

YAH BABY !!!  Let’s RIDE bikes…