August 9, Update

Dear riders and families,

Last week the district announced that it was going to Phase 1 learning which means virtual learning for our students.  The good news is that some sports will be able to continue with plans for practices pending approval of practice plans.  The leadership team has been working for the last 2 months with the BHS Athletic Department and BVSD HR to create a plan that the high school and district will agree to. We have been given permission to ride in small groups. One of the obstacles to begin practice is that the district requires that we hire our volunteer coaches so they become assistant coaches working for BVSD. This will allow them to manage health screenings and be connected to BVSD liability protections. One more series of hoops to jump through before we are able to start. We are hoping, based on the District’s ability to hire coaches, to have some groups starting practice on the 17th. Some good news, we also clarified our permission to practice in compliant fashion on City managed lands.

So what does all of this mean for riders?  First, we are still trying to make a season happen for our athletes. We feel strongly that students need an outlet for riding, seeing and interacting with small groups of people in the safest way possible, being part of a team that is doing everything they can to make this a season.  Second, there are things you can do right now.

  • NEW: Complete and submit your BVSD Team Sport and COVID permission form.
  • In order to participate in team activities, you must be registered in the Pit Zone.
  • Team Challenge #1 Complete the Chapman Hill Climb Time Trial and enter your time in this form.
  • We will have you do a timed hill climb at the end of the season as well and you’ll be able to compare your speeds.
  • Complete your NEW participation survey. (please complete one per student)

League Challenges Schedule can be found on the Colorado League website – Link:

We will only invite riders to begin practice through Team App. Students should all have an account set up.  If you do not please contact Tabitha at

Riders should have notifications set up on their phones so that you receive announcements when we send them. Availability will need to be set for each practice (event) that your rider is invited to. If you do not set your availability you cannot ride that day.

If you are opting to no longer be a part of the 2020 season please indicate so in the participation survey. Information about kits and lifestyle wear is a part of the survey.

Thank you for all of your patience. We are hoping to hit the trails as a team very soon.

Coach Andy

Team Director