Hero Dirt

Team –

There is a reason mountain bikers call it “hero dirt”…

Heroes are born by overcoming incredible circumstance… but on a day like today, the spirit of a hero can be awakened because of the confluence of conditions that calls to your soul.

Overly poetic? I think not.

As we rolled out from Boulder High School today the drizzle started. A nice rain. Steady, but light. No lightning. No thunder. The kind of rain that that feels good on your face. Enough to cool you down, dampen the dust, and fill the air with ions. The kind of rain that leaves droplets of water on the trees, freshens the air with the smell of Pine, and awakens your spirit. The spirit of a hero.

The damp soil, with that unmistaken texture created by just the right amount of moisture, makes wheels grip and makes corners fast. Bike handling feels effortless. You feel like a hero. You cannot keep the smile off your face nor confine the radiance of your soul. It reminds us why we ride. We feel completely alive in ourselves. Adventures need to be taken and life lived to the fullest.
Today, we felt like heroes.


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