Our Coaches

Team Director Andy Jensen

This will be my fifth year coaching with the Team and first year as Team Director. Really looking forward to working with all of our riders, parents, and coaches to make the 2020 season another season to remember for all!

Preferred gift card: Starbucks

Head Coach Greg

This is my 3rd year coaching with BHS.  I’ve really enjoyed giving back to the sport and love riding with passionate youth. My favorite part has been watching the athletes grow in strength, endurance and self confidence.   My daughter will age out after the 2020 season, but my son will just be aging in, so I’ll be around for several years. I look forward to every minute!  Preferred gift card: Excel Sports

Head Coach Cheri

Cheri’s been with the team so long she may deserve her own, dedicated bio page. “I’ve loved bikes ever since I was a kid when I realized riding them meant freedom and the ability to escape grownups. I still feel the same way.”

Cheri chairs the subcommittee for coaching credentials ensuring compliance among the coaches.  She does this mostly by kindly nudging coaches to finish a credential here or there.

Preferred gift card: REI

Head Coach Matt

Fourth year coach, father of Elliote (senior girl) and Sebastian (freshman boy), and thrilled to continue what Coach Boyer started.

Preferred gift card:  I’m saving for a yacht and can combine with Hans’s preferred gift.

Head Coach Brian

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Coach Chris

Helping Coach with BHS MTB has been one of the most rewarding coaching experiences I have ever been involved in. I have coached plenty of other sports with my kids and I have never had as much fun as I have with Mountain Biking. It is not often you get to have such an amazing shared experience with your kids.

Preferred gift card: Moto Maki or Mod Market

Coach Traci

This will be my 8th year as a coach. Both of my kids participated in the program while they were at BHS. Being a part of this team and the CO HS League culture is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences as a coach. The HS season is my favorite time of year as it is both a joy and a gift to ride with your kids.

Preferred Gift Card – Neptune Mountaineering


Coach Mary Beth

This is my sixth year of coaching at Boulder High and I really enjoy riding with riders who are new to the team and sport. I also work with all of the team’s sponsors – let me know if you a business interested in supporting the team.  My favorite race experience: I’ve raced the Beti Bike Bash for eight of its ten years, hoping to make this year my ninth.

Preferred gift card – Boxcar Coffee

Coach JB

I’ve been riding and racing for years and LOVE how the sport is exploding, especially among young people and women. My daughter rode on the team all four years at BHS and it was one of the best experiences she’s ever had. This will be my fourth year as a coach and I’m psyched to be part of such an amazing culture.

Preferred gift card: Any Boulder bike shop or Pizzeria Locale


Coach Andy L.

2x World Champion (Team Pursuit), 1x National Champion (Team Pursuit). I have ridden and raced just about everything (Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, Track). I have even competed in the Hawaiian Ironman. Professionally I was a founding member of Stages Cycling and at one time worked for Schwinn. I hope to instill a life long love of riding no matter what form it takes.

Preferred gift card:

Coach Kim

I’m the parent of two boys who rode for the BHS MTB team when they were at Boulder High, and this is my seventh year coaching with the team. I can say from experience that the BHS MTB team is rich part high school for students and families alike. Truly, it is a joy to be riding bikes with these young athletes.

Preferred gift card: REI

Coach Chris M.

.Madigan’s dad. Been riding bikes for a while. Used to do some racing. Work @ CUORE.

Preferred gift card: Beleza

Coach Scott

4th year coaching at BHS (Yeah baby!!)
Preferred gift card: Ozo Coffee, Southern Sun


Coach Becky

This is my fifth year coaching for Boulder High and my sixth year as a MTB parent.  I love to inspire our riders to dream big, work hard to achieve their goals, and have a blast along the way.  Outside of coaching, I love big, long rides in the Colorado mountains; both on and off the race course.

Preferred gift card: Patagonia

Coach Kris

6th year coaching, Been racing on/off since 96 and consider myself by now to be professional pack fodder in most races.  Current member of the Sklar racing team.  Hope to ride as long as my body will allow me to.


Coach Ned

Martha rides for BHS. I love riding my bike. How could this be better?

Preferred gift card: Modern Market

Coach Celestia

Teach women to mountain bike and raced back when bikes only had front shocks!

Preferred gift card: Amazon

Coach Hans

I’ve been coaching on the BHS team for about 7 years. Consistently great program!

Preferred gift card: Most any Hawaii beach vacation package!

Coach Carley

I coached the Durango DEVO elementary girls for a season, and am a proud FLC cycling alum!

Preferred gift card: Any! Especially bike shops!

Coach Jim


BHS MTB coach since 2012. Two kids through the program, one now coaching. Also Winter Park ski coach.


Preferred gift card: Home Depot / McGuckin Hardware

Coach Kay

Coached for BHS 6 seasons, Coached for BJC 2 season, Coach at Wyoming summer camps both co-ed and girls for 4 seasons, Has raced endurance, XC and Enduro bike races for multiple seasons.

Preferred gift card: King Soopers

Coach Austin

Lacrosse Coach for a number of years. Pretty new to cycling, picked it up after college and it has completely consumed my life ever since 🙂 Road/MTB

Preferred gift card:  Amazon

Coach Rebecca

I spent 6 years teaching sailing during high school and college. I road biked throughout college and switched to mountain biking after I graduated. There has been no looking back!

Preferred gift card: REI

Coach John

2nd year as BHS MTB coach.

Preferred gift card:  Any bike shop

Coach Alex

I’ve been a coach for the Boulder High Mountain Bike Team for the last 3 years and am really excited about this upcoming season.

Preferred gift card:  Any bike shop

Coach Toler

I was a member of the inaugural BHS MTB team!

Coach Chad

I’ve been an avid cyclist all my life and was a bicycle police officer while working in Atlanta as an officer. This is my third year with the team and I’m learning something new each year right along with the students. 

Coach Curt

First year coach.  My son Shane is an incoming freshman.  I’ve coached a lot of sports but never anything related to cycling.  I love riding bikes as a way to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors.  I’m excited to be a part of this great program!

Preferred gift card:  Excel Sports

Coach Susanne


This is my first year with BHS MTB as a coach, second year as a parent. My daughter Emily is a Junior! I fell in love with bikes in college and had a grand journey that took me to the Hawaiian Ironman a couple of times and a short adventure as a Pro Triathlete. I mountain bike for the pure joy of riding hard, challenging my mind and being in nature. I love inspiring young people to challenge themselves to be their best on and off the bike. Fave gift card: Amazon.