Kit & Lifestyle Wear: 2020-2021

As BHS MTB looks forward to a new season, we are excited to reveal our new team kit and line of lifestyle wear for 2020-21. Thanks to our partners at Cuore and Anthem Branding and the hard work of coach Chris Aamot, the team will roll into the new season in style.

The Kit

Every two years, BHS MTB works with Cuore to design a new kit for the team. Only a jersey is required for racing, but Cuore produces a collection of customized BHS gear that riders look forward to receiving at the season launch party in August.

For the 2020-21 jersey cycle, coach Chris Aamot and captain Elliote Muir worked with the team at Cuore to design a kit that takes inspiration from Cuore’s extensive catalog of custom kits as well as our Boulder surroundings and the team itself. The abstract mountain lines on the front of the jersey pay tribute to the flatirons visible from the windows of Boulder High while the topographic lines are a throwback to the 2017 lifestyle wear designed by coach Rich Zirk. In celebration of team’s first decade, detailing inside the topo lines lists the many trails we ride on a daily basis. A yellow stripe on the left sleeve and down the back was added to make riders more visible to traffic, while the right sleeve sports the school’s mascot: the panther. As always, our incredible sponsors are represented on the back pockets of the jersey. The jersey’s inside collar reminds riders of the commitment they’ve made to Be Great!

As it is the only required part of the kit, the jersey was designed to be the focal point while the bibs and baggies were kept simple and versatile. Tying back to the Be Great! theme, the back of the bibs features the entire commitment written out. The baggies are of a similar design, but instead of Be Great! they remind our riders to Live Slow, Ride Fast, and Finish It!

Lifestyle Wear

Completely optional but always popular, we revamped our lifestyle gear for the coming season with help from our partners at Anthem Branding. BHS MTB hoodies and t-shirts have become a staple for riders and family members alike.

For the first time, both men’s- and women’s-specific cuts will be available for t-shirts, whose design is an homage to the team’s jersey design of the last four years. Kit-complementing socks will also be available, as well as puff-embroidered hats in both trucker and flat-brim styles. The hats also feature interior detailing and embroidery on the sides.

The hoodie versus zip-up sweatshirt debate can be polarizing, so we’ve avoided the argument by giving you the choice. Featuring a design similar to that of the t-shirts, the sweatshirts are taken to the next level by replacing your average gray fabric with a subtle black camo, inspired by Lululemon.

Because of the world we find ourselves in now, the lifestyle line is made extra-special by the addition of BHS MTB face masks and buffs. Designed to keep our riders, coaches, and community safe while we’re out on the trails, the masks and buffs feature the same panther as the right sleeve of the jersey. 

Many thanks go out to Chris Aamot and the teams at Cuore and Anthem Branding for their hard work on these awesome apparel items. Thanks to them, our team will be looking super fly both on and off the bike this season! Keep your eye out for ordering deadlines, which will be announced after the registration window closes in June.