Practice Start!

Cross Your Fingers And Let’s Ride!

We are finally getting ready to set out on our first practices of the season.  We are excited to get going.  

Please read on in order that student-riders are ready to ride.

Practice procedures must be followed and we may be monitored for compliance.  If a rider does not comply, that rider will be sent home.  

Lots of people have worked very hard to make BHS MTB a permissible activity during the pandemic.  Let’s keep it that way.

Required Practice Ready Checklist

  • Bike, helmet, food, fluids, and mask ready to go.
  • At your first practice, you must have a completed and signed paper version of the BVSD Athletic Permission form available at
  • Every single practice all season long, riders must complete the Covid check-in.  This must be completed the day of practice by 3:00 PM, each and every practice.  Riders without a completed health check may not practice. There will be no exceptions. Covid health check link
  • Bathroom break before leaving for practice.  Bathroom access at school is restricted.
  • Know your ride group via Team App, its meeting location and time (see below), and maintain distancing upon arrival.
  • (Coaches have equivalent procedure, separately administered. Links to the screening forms are referenced here.)

Ride Group Logistics

  • Ride groups are managed via Team App.
  • Ride group practice days are M/W Freshman/Sophomore and T/Th Junior/Senior (there are a few exceptions in the groups).
  • Ride start time details are noted in Team App.
  • Ride group meeting locations are noted in Team App. One can view a map of the locations here or at the bottom of this document.

Required Mask Etiquette

Wear your mask over your mouth and nose when,

  • Within 6’ of another.
  • At the beginning and end of rides, especially while on BHS grounds.  
  • On the way to and from trailheads, especially on bike paths.  
  • Through trailhead and other busy areas.  
  • In the presence of non-group riders who are passing.  Accompany this with the “rider up/back, mask-up” shout.
  • When in doubt, wear one’s mask anytime not out on a trail with nobody around.
  • Keep mask accessible for use around your neck at all other times.

Update on League Virtual Challenges

The Colorado League has delayed its virtual challenges.  More and up-to-date information on League challenges can always be found here.

BHS Head Coaches and Team Director plan on issuing guidance for the challenges by Wednesday morning.

Uniform And Lifestyle Wear Pick-up

Lifestyle Wear or Team Kit products not claimed yet will be available to pick up at practice. Coach Jensen will be happy to help – he’s the guy guarding the big brown boxes. He will be available from roughly 4:30 – 6:45 this week (Tues/Wed/Thur) on the south side of the school before the entrance into Recht Field.

Peer Mentors Needed

There is ongoing exploration attempting to determine how best to provide peer mentor riders to riders with disabilities. This is a distinct opportunity to serve both the ethic of the team and others. Updates to come.

Coaches’ Statement

When Ben Boyer retired and no other faculty came forward or really even fit the position, Andy Jensen offered to serve as the required BVSD faculty liaison for the team.  In a normal season, he could have delegated to the volunteers around him and simply ensured a reproduction of previous seasons.

The coaches and volunteers of the BHS MTB team commend Andy Jensen for persisting through more than a little difficulty on multiple levels over the past several months.

Remember Why We Ride


Any rider, any speed

Live slow, ride fast

Finish it!

Map of 2020 ride group meeting locations.