Self Timed Effort And Update to Families

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Measured Effort on Chapman Drive Expectations and InstructionsAugust 1, 2020

Before we start practice, we need to get an objective and data based perspective on each rider’s basic fitness. Traditionally we’ve done this by recording a timed ride up Chapman Drive.Chapman Drive, an old road closed to automobiles, has a steady grade, and is safe for cycling.

We request that you do a self timed ride up Chapman Drive, from the bottom gate (3 mins fromRed Lion Inn) to the top gate and record your time.

The bottom of and auto parking for Chapman Drive is located approximately two miles up Boulder Canyon, on the left hand/south side, where the old Red Lion Restaurant was located,what is now called Wedgewood (​​).

Access to Chapman is also available by bicycle from Flagstaff Road adjacent to the entrance to the Amphitheater, about 3.5 miles up from Chautauqua. If you choose to start from Flagstaff you will need to ride down Chapman to get to the bottom. Please descend Chapman courteously. Stay to the right, use your brakes and keep your masked face up! There are several undulations in the road that could force you to lose your balance unexpectedly. This goes for riders returning to the lower parking lot as well! Very gravely road, not a nice surface to fall on!

Please note, due to construction in Boulder Canyon, bicycling westbound/uphill is currently prohibited by law between Arapahoe and Fourmile Canyon. Additionally, the path is temporarily closed to all use due to construction. At least once this summer, tickets were issued by law enforcement to cyclists who ignored the closure. So please drive to Chapman!

Time yourself from the lower gate to within a safe stopping distance of the upper gate. Stay safe and in control. The lower gate is about an eighth of a mile above the parking lot. The upper gate is adjacent to Flagstaff Road. The total distance is around 2.5 miles and gains1000’. You can time yourself on Strava or with a timer. Bring a pencil and paper to write yourtime down! Easy to forget!

Times are not shared publicly nor are they any sort of final judgement on one’s fitness nor skill.We just need a place to start the season. But remember, if you persist with cycling during your high school career, you will improve and you will grow (Coach Matt promises).

Once you have your time please send it to me, ​​.Please include your name and grade level, and we will have you placed in a group before our first practice. ​Times need to be to me by Sunday, August 9, by 5:00​.Before your ride:

●Be hydrated – you will not need any energy food for the ride – it is done in under 30minutes but you will need a water bottle!

●Have a mask on and be ready to pull on to your face! When and if you pass other peopleyou must pull it over your mouth and nose! Remember, you represent all of us whenyou’re on your bike

●Get super psyched! This is a beautiful and moderate test ride. Every year we seem tosee a bear hanging around an apple tree in the green valley off the road!

●Remember, we’re just riding bikes. And although our breath may catch a bit, we’re outthere to have fun!Questions? Contact me:

Thanks to everyone for bearing with us.