Team Email 8/13/19

Team –
We’ve had some awesome early season rides. The weather has been cooperating, mechanicals have been held to a minimum, and we are putting in some good work heading towards our first race in Frisco. It’s a busy time for everyone as the first day of school arrives.

And so it begins… Let’s do this.

-Nutrition Talk TOMORROW! Everyone invited!
-Parking Bikes on Practice Days
-Season Launch Celebration
-Race #1- Frisco
-Practice Expectations
-Bike Deals

Congratulations to Maddie Munro (Senior), Bjorn Riley (Senior), and Ada Urst (Fairview). These amazing junior cyclist will be representing the US at the UCI Mountain World Championships. Read the article in the Daily Camera HERE.

Coach Aamot and BHS MTB riders getting their trail building hours in !!!


• TOMORROW, August 14, 6:15-7:15 PM- Nutrition Talk with Dr. Alan Lim from SKRATCH
* Sunday, August 18, 8:00AM Sunday Ride and BIKE WASH with Boulder Cycle Sport
• Tuesday, August 20, 5:00-6:00 PM- NEW PARENT ORIENTATION, Foothills Community Park
• Tuesday, August 20, 6:00 PM – Season Launch Potluck, Foothills Community Park
• Sunday, August 25- Race #1- Frisco, CO

Put these events in ink on your Calendar. You won’t want to miss them…

Cycling and Race Nutrition Talk-

Dr. Allen Lim, Founder of Skratch Labs
special Guests: Members of the US Women’s National Collegiate All Star Team and
Dede Barry (silver in the time trial at the Athen’s Olympics

Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2019
Time: 6:15PM- 7:15 PM
Location: BoulderCentre for Orthopedics, 4740 Pearl Parkway, Suite 200

Parking bikes on Practice Days-
Parking bikes on Practice Days-

Containers will be open from 7:55-8:15 AM Please be on time.

We can store approximately 70 bikes… First Come First Served… Plan ahead.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you leave your nice mountain bike locked up in the bike racks or anywhere else. It is NOT safe no matter what lock you use.

Parents: Please do not drop you rider off in the faculty parking lot and absolutely do NOT pull in to a parking space to unload a bike.

Season Launch POTLUCK TUESDAY, 8/20/2019 !!!
Join us for our potluck August 20, Tuesday evening after practice. We will gather at 6:00 PM at the Shelters at FOOTHILLS PARK in North Boulder.

This is a great event that fosters a wonderful sense of community. This year we expect 300+ celebrating the beginning of our season. We will be handing out our team kits for new riders, naming team captains, and sharing the good vibes of the new season ahead.

Please bring something to share by signing up on the google doc : Tuesday, 8/20 Potluck Sign-Up

Race #1- Frisco –

There is NO on-site registration at the races. Everyone must be registered via the Pit Zone by Monday, 8/19 at 11:59PM MST. No Exceptions!!!

EVERYONE SHOULD PLAN TO PRE-RIDE THE COURSE. Pre-riding can occur the day before the race after 2:00PM (highly recommended) or the day of the race before 8:30 AM. Most riders plan to arrive at the venue the day BEFORE the race and pre-ride then stay overnight to be ready for race day. The RACE FLYER has information on League discounts for hotels and available camping.

Find all the details for Race #1 here: Race #1- Frisco Race Flyer


At the races we have a pit set up- this includes our trailer and Tents with tables, tools, bike stands etc… I suggest bringing a camp chair for your rider. We will have plenty of water (donated from Eldorado water) and electrolytes (donated from Skratch) along with Honey Stinger gels.

In addition, we like to have some nutritious food available for riders to snack on throughout the day, and some substantial food for after the race. We will have gluten-free and vegetarian offerings as well.

We have put together a wish list of nutritious food.

The Rice Cakes on the list are homemade from The Feed Zone Cookbook. They are super nutritious and are designed with the cyclist in mind. They’ve always been a huge hit. I can email the recipe to whomever has the time to prepare a batch. They take about 30-40 minutes to make and are pretty straight forward. I will have a big ice chest with ice to keep things cold at the race (i.e. chocolate milk)

We WILL NEED other folks willing to to run the grill, hand off bottles in the feed zone, Set up, and Take Down the Pit etc…

We of course have a google doc for you to look over and sign up on:

Race #1 BHS Pit Food and Help


Each team in the league is assigned a race to help with.

WE HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO HELP OUT WITH RACE #1. They ask that we provide a volunteer for every 2 riders on our team. That means 70 volunteers from BHS!

The jobs include a diverse array of things from being a arshal on the course, to helping with registration, to setting up and taking down the course … The tasks are broken down in shifts that are relative short so you can pick a time that doesn’t interfere with watching your daughter or son race.

Our parents have been great about helping out in the past and most really enjoy their experience and end up volunteering for multiple races. Here is the link to see what’s available:


Expectations for Practice-

BHS MTB 2010- Our First Practice… We’ve come a long way !!!

We are stoked to have such a diversity of riders on our team.
There are some common courtesies that everyone needs to follow to help things stay smooth.

-Be on time.
-BE Prepared- water, nutrition, spare tube, multitool, RAIN JACKET.
-Arrive with your bike ready to RIDE.
-Follow Open Space and Team rules.

How and When do we cancel a practice due to weather?
We won’t cancel a practice until 3:50PM on the day of the practice. Weather can change quickly.
If its raining or has rained, we take this into account and we choose riding locations that will drain well.
We won’t be riding on saturated trails causing damage…
If prepared with a rain jacket and proper layers, a little moisture and make for a pleasant ride.
Moisture is one thing BUT lightning is another. If there is obvious lightning in a storm or heavy lightning predicted WE WILL NOT RIDE.

Practice Cancellation will go out via TEAM SNAP.

Bike Deals from our sponsors-

Niner has partnered with NICA to offer a 30% discount on bikes.
You can get this deal through our sponsoring bike shop, University Bicycles.
Contact the general manager, Tim Gaczyk directly @

Boulder Cycle Sport has a “special offer” on some in stock 2019 Scott Spark RC 900’s. attached is a list of sizes available. If there is interest, please reach out to the general Manger, Justin Hoese at

All right. That’s a lot!

Ride FAST.

-Coach Boyer