Update Regarding Team Challenges And The Optional Individual Challenge

BHS MTB has been participating The Colorado High School Cycling League’s virtual team challenges. The first two challenges took place with coaches leading kids through the challenges during practice. Admittedly, the first challenge could have been better organized. In the team’s defense, leadership had only recently confirmed the ability to practice at all with BVSD and was scrambling to manage basics.

The third of four team challenges and the upcoming challenge, Mountain Goat Madness, will also be led by coaches during normal practices from September 28th to October 4th. As before, the coaches will then submit the data from those rides or instruct riders to do so themselves.

Doing the challenge requires no action from families or riders at this time. Riders will be informed of leadership’s decisions and actions regarding this challenge.

Separately, The League is providing for an individual and optional virtual hillclimb challenge, the details of which are not yet posted. Stay tuned for more information to come from The League and, subsequently, BHS MTB.

Thanks to riders and families for their patience this year as the team does its best to comply with pandemic guidelines while getting kids on bikes.